How to prevent spills from becoming stains

Carpets, over time, can become very dirty. But we have tips that can help you out until you are ready for a deep steam cleaning and extraction!

1. You will want to BLOT the area of the spill/spot with a clean, plain white towel or plain white paper towel (dyes on a printed towel are sometimes likely to bleed through). If there is food on the carpet, go ahead and gently scoop up any access. You will want to blot starting on the outside of the area and work to the middle. Blot, blot, blot until the area is damp. DO NOT SCRUB!

2. If you have a spot remover for carpet handy this is when you will apply that. If you don’t have any cleaning agents for spot removal, believe it or not, WATER works just fine and is better than using any household cleaning agents that are not specifically for spot removal on carpet. You can also try a detergent solution of ¼ teaspoon of a clear dish-washing liquid mixed with one cup of warm water. This formula works well for spilled wine or chocolate.

3. Apply the water or spot remover onto the affected area. Allow to sit a minute and start the blotting process again. Never, ever scrub your carpet to get a stain out. You may end up making the problem worse.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

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